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4/2/06: All over but the shouting

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Had a haircut today, and the person after me in the chair also happened to be a writer, and we spent an hour talking about mother-rapin’ and father-stabbin’ and all kinds o’ groovy things. I came home all jazzed up.

I’ve really been hitting my stride, wrapping up and writing some tough scenes that have been in my mind since the beginning. This is where all the secrets come out and the new beginning begins.

A snippet:

Peri was silent for a long time. Finally she said “We have to break it to them one at a time. Bring them in on the secret only when they’re ready.”

“I’ll accept your judgement on that. But when the time comes… I want to be the one to tell Thad. He told me the truth I needed to know, even though it hurt both of us, and I feel I owe him the same.”

Just one more scene left to write, an epilogue. Then I should probably give the whole thing a thorough self-edit before sending it for critique.

Once that’s done I have galley proofs on “Primates” and line edits on “Titanium Mike” before I get back to the new stuff. “Primates” will apparently be in the September issue of Asimov’s, which isn’t all that long from now.