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12/27/06: Good news from Poland

Word count: 8142 | Since last entry: 0 I’ve been rather down on the writing lately, what with the latest rejection and all. I’m afraid I’m running out of major publishers, but my agent is still enthusiastic about the book and advises me to put my energy into writing the next one. But with all the holiday foofaraw around here, I haven’t been finding the time to do that either. But a bit of good news arrived yesterday, in the form of a registered mail package from Poland containing two copies of the November issue of Nowa Fantastyka. My name was on the cover in big letters, and inside I found my story “Tk’Tk’Tk,” translated into Polish, with four great interior illustrations. I don’t know if the translation is any good, but the illustrator (whose name I couldn’t find) clearly read and understood the story. This is almost better than a good review. Heading off to Kennewick this morning. May or may not blog in the interval, depending on availability of time and bandwidth.