4/3/07: Second shift at the coffee shop

Word count: 29500 | Since last entry: 554

Full house at the coffee shop tonight: Jay, Karen, Mary, the other Mary, and Grant. I’m kind of the second shift, since I show up after dinner (around 7:30 most weeks) and most of the rest arrive much earlier and some take off for dinner around 8:30. But I stayed for another hour after that, kept plugging away, and wound up with over 500 words for the evening. That’s good, for me.

A snippet:

Keelie slumped to the floor, the wet and knotted dressing pressing uncomfortably between her legs, and let her head sag into her hands. “What are we going to do?”

“You must go to G’ni tomorrow. Tell her to call off the search immediately and return your money.”

Not looking up, Keelie shook her head. The filth of her forehead ground against her palms. She stank of sweat and illness. “She won’t give the money back.”

Reesa sighed again. “No, I doubt she will. But you must ask.”

I think I need to work on Rachel’s backstory. I realized today I don’t even know who her parents are. No wonder she’s so much less interesting than Keelie.

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