8/15/07: Bright racing star

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Back from Armadillocon. A good time, spent hanging out mostly with West Coast and East Coast friends rather than Texans. Had breakfast with Jay Lake, who later showed us the Freshman Moon and skunked me in pool; had lunch, ice cream, and yarn shopping with Madeline Robins; had a fine dinner with Sharyn November and Ellen Klages in a restaurant with a view of the bats, if they had ever appeared. We also had good BBQ at the airport both coming and going. At the convention itself I spent most of my time hanging out in the convivial space between function rooms, chatting with whoever came by (which included Laura Anne Gilman and Patty Wells WINOLJ). Hanging out with Ellen Klages was a special treat. Who else could cause three people to burst into song: “There is nothing like my brain / Nothing in the world / There is nothing you can name / That is anything like my brain…”

Last Japanese class tonight, and the final program schedule for the Worldcon has been posted (I see they gave me a kaffeeklatsch). I so do not feel suffificently prepared for this trip. I’m sure we’ll be fine.

Saw Endeavour and the ISS tonight, a bright racing star visible for just a couple of minutes from our back yard. Very cool. Kate said “it moves so deliberately!”

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