2/21/08: Today is not my birthday

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I was born on February 21, 1961. Today is February 21, 2008. I’m just getting over a mild cold. Kate got it too, but she’s a couple of days behind me, coughy and achy and low on energy, so she didn’t have the wherewithal to get me a card or anything. That’s okay. And my parents are away on a trip to Phoenix, so they didn’t send a card and couldn’t call today, but they gave me a call yesterday. That’s okay too. At least I got an e-card from my dentist.

In the morning I did some revisons, then we went to a play (A Feminine Ending, which I greatly enjoyed) and had a nice lunch at Henry’s and did some preliminary research for our forthcoming bathroom remodel, but in the early afternoon we ran out of energy and fell over until dark. When it came time for dinner, Kate said “you eat, I’m not hungry.”

As I was making some toast to put leftover curry on, I decided that… well, I have pretty low standards for birthdays, really, but this doesn’t cut it.

So I have decided to reschedule David’s Birthday (Observed) to 2/25 this year.

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