emails being rejected as spam/virus

It’s come to my attention that emails including URLs from (like the one in my standard email signature) are being treated as spam and/or viruses by some providers (notably GoDaddy). I’ve talked with my ISP and they say the problem is that “GoDaddy’s filters reject any messages containing an URL that resolves to an IP address in the PBL (a spam blacklist).” I believe that the problem IP address is with (my registrar and forwarder) rather than (my ISP).

I’m in the process of moving’s registration and forwarding from, whose customer support is worse than clueless, to my main ISP, which I hope will resolve the problem. It might take a few days for the change to propagate around the net. Until then, be aware that emails from me or Kate may be marked as spam or viruses, even though they’re no such thing.

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