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Headless Chicken Mode: ON

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Rather frazzled at the moment because we just found out third-hand that the Pink Martini concert on September 5 (“Oregon! Oregon!”, written by Stan Freberg no less) has been moved from the Coliseum to the Zoo, necessitating purchase of new tickets. Glad this happened while we were in town.

This all came down while I was in the middle of grilling up dinner: chicken mango sausages from Trader Joe’s, marinated grilled beets, and corn on the cob. The beets got overdone but I’d try that recipe again.

Yesterday we were privileged to attend a workshop performance of Mike Daisey’s new monolog “The Last Cargo Cult”: a comedy, a travelogue, and a meditation on the meaning of money. It made me laugh; it made me think. It’s in Seattle later this month, then goes on tour; I’d encourage you to check it out if it comes to your town.

We got a new issue of Bento finished at the last minute, as is traditional, but thanks to the fine people at DocuMart it’s already all printed and bound. We’ll have copies to hand out at the Worldcon, of course. If you are not going to be at the Worldcon, would like a copy, and think we might not have your current address, please email your address to us.

We leave for Montreal bright and early Tuesday. On Wednesday night Ellen Klages and I will be “celebrity guest hosts” at the Reno in 2011 party. After that I’ll be on a lot of programming. I particularly invite you to sign up for my kaffeeklatsch (2pm Sunday) and come to my reading (3:30pm Sunday). I’ll be reading an excerpt from my Wild Cards story.

Much and much to do before then…