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I’ll be at Foolscap this weekend, though only for Friday and Saturday. You can see me on the following program items:

Cooperation vs. Competition: Gender-Driven Stories
Salon 3, Fri, 4:00-5:00 PM
Competition is seen as masculine; cooperation, as feminine. And yet, both genders engage in both behaviors. How does this conflict affect stories?
Manny Frishberg, David D. Levine(M), Kat Richardson, Amy Thomson

Respectful Disagreement
Salon 4, Sat, 10:30-Noon
Techniques for being open and inclusive without giving up your ability to hold strong opinions, and tactics for fostering multi-way discussions (like convention panels) when some of the participants are using abusive discussion tactics.
Marty Hale-Evans, Mary Kay Kare, David D. Levine(M), Kyle Woodlock

David Levine Reading
Strange Attractors, Sat, 4:00-5:00
David Levine

I’ll also be presenting the “Idea to Outline in an Hour” exercise (which I got from Pat Murphy at Clarion West) as part of the Writing Workshop on Friday afternoon. Sign-up is required; see the link for more details.

“Citizen-Astronaut” will be podcast at StarShipSofa! And here’s a nice review of the Human For A Day anthology, including my story “Into the Nth Dimension!”