Parsec Award finalist, Daily SF sale, and more!

2013-Parsec-Finalist-BadgeSo while I was busy with the ebook of Second Chance, a bunch of good news has crept up on me. Hence, a list:

  • My video of “Dr. Talon’s Letter to the Editor” is a finalist for the Parsec Award in the category Best Speculative Fiction Video Story!
  • I sold short-short story “Artist’s Retrospective” to Daily Science Fiction!
  • Space Magic has received its first audiobook review at the Fantasy Literature blog, and it’s a hit!

    It rarely happens that I enjoy every story in a collection, but that’s what happened here. All of these tales are entertaining, I was pleased with the diversity of themes and styles, and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the audio production. … [I]n my experience authors are not usually the best narrators for their own material, [but] I was surprised at how well Levine’s audiobook turned out. … Space Magic is a professional quality audiobook and one I have no trouble recommending both for the stories and the audio production.

  • “I Hold My Father’s Paws” was recommended by the blog Ten to Infinity.
  • I wax nostalgic over at the Book View Café blog about my first computer, a home-built CP/M machine.
  • And, finally, I am pleased(?) to report that I will have a silly Green Lantern poem in Flying Higher: An Anthology of Superhero Poetry!


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