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Solving the Zoom “Virtual Background Video Could Not Be Found” error

When you add a still virtual background into Zoom, it copies the image file into a private directory. But when you add a video virtual background, it copies only a still thumbnail into its private directory, along with the video file’s location. If the original video file is deleted (e.g. it’s removed from the downloads directory) you’ll see the “[file].mp4 could not be found” error shown below. If you want to use custom video backgrounds, be sure to put the file in a place where it will stay around before adding it to Zoom.

nebula background.mp4 could not be found

See me guest-host Thursday Night Live!

Tune in TONIGHT (May 21) at 7:30 PM Pacific Time to see me guest-host Thursday Night Theatre: Facebook Live! from The Pulp Stage!

To see the show, go to and click on VIDEOS. You’ll see the “Is Live” video with the red dot starting around 7:25 pm, Pacific. The show runs until 8:00 and will be followed by a 15 minute talk-back with director Matt Haynes.

This week’s offering is our variety show. FRESH BLOOD AND OLD FAVORITES, with guest host: David D. Levine, actor, writer and honored recipient of The Hugo Awards,

The theme for this evening is “Pulling the Trigger.” Dare you

  • activate an unruly weapon against an invading army?
  • play out your most scandalous fantasy in a hotel encounter?
  • fire a superhero who is setting a horrible example but giving you great publicity on Youtube?

See what happens, quite unexpectedly, in an old favorite by Tom Slot plus new works by William Thomas Berk and Thomas Gondolfi (a special theatrical adaptation of his story from the celebrated anthology by Impulsive Walrus Books… go Frog and Esther Jones!)

The show is directed by Matt Haynes and features David D. Levine, John Marks, Molly Gregerson, Kathleen Barnebey and Michèle M Tredger.