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Kuiper Belt Job cover snippet

I’ve been authorized to share this snippet of the draft cover of my new novel The Kuiper Belt Job, coming November 7 from Caezik SF & Fantasy. It’s a found-family heist novel which I describe as a cross between Firefly and Leverage in the universe of The Expanse. Excited!

Kuiper Belt Job cover snippet

Conscience: a Westworld-themed LARP in Spain!

So a few days ago I learned about a Westworld-themed LARP (Live Action Role Play event) being held in Spain, at Sergio Leone’s Western studio. You can play a Guest, a Host (robot), or a corporate employee. It sounded amazing! Unfortunately, I found out about it just after signups had closed.

On a lark, I sent in an application anyway.

I got in.

It’s March 9-12, 2024.

Here’s a review of a previous run of this LARP.