Latest News 

I have been accepted into the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop! This is a NASA-funded “crash course” in modern astronomy for SF writers. Other attendees include Alma Alexander, Steven Gould, Deanna Hoak, Mary Robinette Kowal, Nancy Kress, Jay Lake, David Marusek, and Laura Mixon.

I have been accepted to the Taos Toolbox Writers’ Workshop! This two-week workshop (in Taos, New Mexico in June), taught by Walter Jon Williams and Kelly Link with special guest lecturer Stephen R. Donaldson, is a “graduate-level” workshop for writers who have already been to Clarion or Odyssey and/or have made some short fiction sales, and has an emphasis on the craft of the novel. It should be a lot of fun.

I sold novelette “The True Story of Merganther’s Run” to Aeon Speculative Fiction. Issue 12 of Aeon, including my story “Moonlight on the Carpet,” is available now. And “I Hold My Father’s Paws” got an Honorable Mention in Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, while “Primates” and “The Last McDougal’s” got Honorable Mentions in Year’s Best Science Fiction.

The Year’s Best Science Fiction Twenty-Fourth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois (who is, I’m told, recovering nicely from a quintuple bypass), has its official release today and has already been reviewed at I haven’t seen a copy yet. This anthology is my first Dozois Year’s Best appearance, with “I Hold My Father’s Paws”. Coincidentally, that same story was just this weekend podcast at Beam Me Up from WRFR radio in Rockland, Maine. The reading, by Ron Huber, begins about halfway into the show. Hope you like it!