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3/13/03: Jerking back into motion

Word count: 3603 I’ve been a bad boy, haven’t written a thing since Sunday. But I sat down tonight and wrote about 800 words. Huzzah. Probably not going to make 30,000 words in March for the sff.writing.novel-dare PseudoNaNoWriMo, but I still mean to try! With Kate out of town until Monday, I plan to spend tomorrow night and all this weekend writing. Got Clarity out of the potato field and on the road to New York… not sure if that’s the end of the chapter, but it’s an end to the chapter. The chapter so far has not gone exactly the way I had planned. This is perhaps a good thing. In other writing news, received a contract and check in the mail (for a story accepted last year), reviewed the galleys from Phobos, and read “Charlie the Purple Giraffe” at the Tugboat Brewpub downtown. Go me!