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8/26/03: Jes’ makin’ shit up

Word count: 25672 Half an hour writing while getting the car’s oil changed, another hour or two waiting for clothes to finish washing and drying, and pretty soon it’s 1400 words. That’s nice, but I’m still behind for this three-week period. I hope to catch up on the plane to and from Torcon. I’ve been working on scenes with Jason and Chris and Jason hacking on the biocomputer. I decided to introduce new character Flea here (I’d originally planned to introduce him a few chapters ago but it didn’t work), and at this moment he is literally standing on the threshhold about to open the door. Not a lot of major plot elements, though character arcs are moving and information is being conveyed; it’s just part of the vast Middle that so many novelists have told me is the hardest part. I really do feel like I’m just making shit up. But with any luck someone will want to read it. Four days from now I will be at the Hugo ceremony in Toronto, where I will find out if I’ve won the Campbell Award. I’ve already received an invitation to the Hugo Losers’ Party. Do they know something I don’t? :-)