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9/23/03: Looping

Word count: 27974 I’ve been in a loop for the last couple weeks — not writing much because I’m depressed, and depressed because I haven’t been writing much. I feel like I’ve been squandering my spare time, even though I’ve been getting some non-writing chores (and cat-vacuuming) done. But with Kate’s support I got a good solid couple hours of writing in tonight. (When I say “depressed” I’m talking about your standard everyday “down” feeling, not the kind of depression where you can’t get out of bed. Nothing to get too concerned about, but it interferes with my enjoyment of life as well as my writing.) I still haven’t finished the current chapter, which I really wanted to have done by last Saturday. There’s still about a scene and a half to go. But if I can repeat tonight’s performance tomorrow I might be able to finish it up then. Maybe. Onward!