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12/29/03: Back to the novel!

Word count: 45633 | Since last entry: 575 | This month: 8167 Well, 500 words is better than nothing, though I was hoping for 1000+. Spent some of Sunday and a chunk of this evening re-reading earlier chapters to get my head back in the world of the novel, and adding a few points to the outline for this chapter. I have some things I’ve been thinking about for a while now — Clarity gets a change of clothes, Clarity’s perspective on her break-up with Jason, and a murder — which aren’t in the original outline but seem to fit here. Lots to cover in this chapter and not a lot of time to do it, and I’m definitely behind my very tight schedule. But I keep plugging away. Tonight I wrote a conversation with Honor and Clarity in which he reveals just how pissed he is at her, she tries to get his help tracking down the fugitive Jason, and I try to show how and why the aliens use telepathy vs. sign language. Don’t know if it works. Moving forward anyway.