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6/16/04: What, is June half over already?

Word count: 75650 | Since last entry: 1129 | This month: 1129 After Wiscon I was very busy with various things that had to be done before the trip to France. Then we had the trip itself — much delicious food was eaten, castles and caves visited, etc., and I wrote over 1000 words on the plane heading there, but nothing while there and I slept most of the way back — and since then I’ve been suffering badly from jet lag and haven’t been coherent enough to write a thing. Another thing keeping me from the writing since returning from France is that we’ve had lots of stuff to do on the kitchen remodel — just signed the contract today, and wrote what I think might be the third-biggest check of my life. The final quote came in at almost 1.5x the original estimate, which was in turn nearly 2x what we’d originally expected. But it’s going to be gorgeous. I was hoping to get something written today, but at this point it seems it’s not to be. I have 1000-3000 words to go on chapter 7, which is due Saturday. Looks pretty grim. One bit of good writing news: when I came home from France I learned that my story “The Tale of the Golden Eagle” is a nominee for the Theodore Sturgeon Award.