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6/17/04: Lurching back into motion

Word count: 76867 | Since last entry: 1217 | This month: 2346 Finished up a scene showing Clarity at a difficult press conference, followed by a brief respite of lunch with a human friend (showing that she’s coming to identify more with the humans than with her own people). I had originally started to write the press conference as a task force meeting, but I realized I’ve been showing Clarity in a lot of internal meetings and ignoring the public-relations aspect of her job. I want to keep the pressure on her from all sides — from the humans as well as from her fellow Council members. There are a lot of things I’ve introduced in previous chapters (the press, the task force, her cousin Candor, etc.) that ought to be kept on stage to emphasize just how complicated and scary Clarity’s life is getting. One more scene to go in the chapter. If I can finish it tomorrow during the day, I can take care of the copying at work and then go to a movie in the evening. By the way, I failed to note in yesterday’s entry that I just passed 75,000 words. Three-quarters done! (Unless my estimate of 100,000 words for the whole thing is off; it might be a bit low.)