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11/21/04: Lost some momentum, but the kitchen looks great

Word count: 118693 | Since last entry: 672 | This month: 6511 So much for writing every day in November. I just missed two days in a row, and only got any writing in today through sheer cussedness (200 words during intermission at the symphony). But the kitchen looks gorgeous — we spent most of the weekend shopping and unpacking. We have most of the pots and pans in place, all of the spices, and most of the sauces. We bought a very nice teak step stool (necessary now, because we’ve made all the cabinets taller to compensate for the decreased width that gives us more elbow room) and a gorgeous, gorgeous bamboo cutting board which will live on the granite countertop because it is so very pretty. But we gave up on finding the telephone we wanted locally and ordered it from the web. Okay, I admit it — I am a good little consumer. New posessions make me happy. But we’ve also put a lot of old stuff in the “garage sale” box as we’ve been unpacking. There has been much discussion of the question “where does this want to live?” for various objects — we can’t put everything back where it was in the old kitchen — and all the answers are provisional and subject to change. But the new layout is very, very practical; it works exactly the way we hoped it would when we laid it out, as we found when we prepared fried rice tonight. Kate was easily able to reach the spices without getting in my way at the stove. Also, the bright halogen lighting in the new stove hood makes everything on the stove look delicious and wonderful. I feel like I’m in a cooking show. We have never had any kind of lighting over the stove, believe it or not, and have been cooking in our own shadows as long as we’ve been together.