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11/10/04: Okay, I lied

Word count: 115850 | Since last entry: 1684 | This month: 3668 I thought I finished the penultimate chapter yesterday. I was wrong. When I went to write the first scene of the final chapter I realized it had to be told from Jason’s PoV, so I went back and stuck it at the end of the previous chapter. Also wrote 200+ more words of notes in the final chapter. Sienna surprised me tonight with a Han-Soloish self-centered mercenary act. But, given the way I’d treated her, it was the appropriate thing for her to do. I couldn’t just leave her standing around, anyway. And she made it up to Jason at the end. Also tonight: started unpacking boxes in the new kitchen! Woo hoo! There are still a few details to take care of — we’re still waiting for the screen door and faucet handles, the countertops need to be refinished, and the microwave turned out to be too big for the space designed for it (oops). But everything else is done, so we’re moving back in. Yay!