2/15/05: Revisions

Word count: 120867 | Since last entry: 199 | This month: 2914 Spent the evening on revisions, alternating between the novel and the unicorn story while emailing the story back and forth with Sara. Once she approves this final version, it’s off to critique. On the novel, I’ve nearly reached the end of a scene, and I think I can now cut most of the following scene. Next I’ll have to amp up the danger and difficulty of Jason’s break-in at the Platform, which may take some doing… I want it to be plausible, and as he’s not a professional spy it can’t be that hard. To bed now. I was at work from 7am to 6pm today, with an 8am dentist appointment tomorrow. Bleah. But Kate’s breathing machine has arrived, with dramatically effective results. Finally she gets a good night’s sleep! The mask is rather isolating — I don’t get to kiss her good-night — but she’s breathing so easily now that it’s worth it.

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