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3/1/05: NaNoEdMo Ho!

Editing hours: 0.0 | Since last entry: 0.0 March is National Novel Editing Month (no, really, it’s true: see, and it couldn’t come at a better time for me. I really need a kick-start. So I am going to tackle the NaNoEdMo challenge: 50 hours of editing on my novel during the month. With any luck that will be sufficient to complete the darn thing and send it on its way. Since NaNoEdMo works on hours of editing rather than word count, each participant needs a “buddy” to verify their editing hours. I’m looking for one or more buddies, and offering the same in return. Anyone want someone to help goad them into editing? Anyway… today being the first day of NaNoEdMo, I kicked it off by… not editing on my novel at all. But I did do editing! I revised the unicorn story (if my edits meet with my co-author’s approval I’ll get it in the mail tomorrow) and I edited my galley proofs for Greenberg anthology Gateways. (In the whole story there was just one misplaced comma. How did that get in there?) However, I won’t count those 3 or 4 editing hours because they were not on my novel. So I go into the month already 1.6 hours behind the desired daily average. Oh well. In other writing news… since my last journal entry, “The Last McDougal’s” sold to Asimov’s and reprint “At the Twenty-Fifth Annual Meeting of Uncle Teco’s Homebrew Gravitics Club” (which originally appeared in the OryCon 25 program book) was accepted by the non-paying website Infinity Plus. “The Last McDougal’s” is my twentieth sale! Also, my story “Tk’tk’tk” in the current (March 2005) issue of Asimov’s got a good review in the Internet Review of Science Fiction and (I’m told, but haven’t seen it yet) another good review in Locus. Asimov’s is also offering the first part of the story as a teaser on their website right now. Yoicks, and away!