5/6/05: Done!

Editing hours: 62.6 | Since last entry: 5.0 | Percent complete: 100% Blew off a square dance to get in three hours of editing tonight, on top of scattered half-hours throughout the week. The total of 5.0 is really just a guess. I completed my editing pass tonight! And many of my readers will be pleased to note that I put Flea in the penultimate sentence. He just appears — he doesn’t have any lines — but at least they will know he’s alive and free. Damn him for being such an appealing character. I never meant for him to be as important as some people found him. (Though I’m glad they like him.) Having completed the editing pass, I went through my to-do list checking things off. There’s lots of to-do items undone, but they’re all either too small to worry about or too big to do anything about. But in the same folder I found a few pages of comments from my first readers that I said I would do something about “later.” So I’m going through those now. I’ll finish those up, edit the cover letter, and do a real quick pass on the synopsis this weekend. Should have the package ready to go in the mail Monday. I am so ready to be done with this novel.

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