Archive for July 25th, 2005

7/24/05: Miscellany

  • Kate and I just sent a new issue of our fanzine Bento off to the printer. We’ll have copies at the Worldcon, and mailed copies will be sent out shortly after we return. Promise!
  • I just got another rejection on my story “Interview with the Photographer.” It’s a 6100-word far-future SF tale that involves the construction of a Dyson sphere and the destruction of several planets. It’s now bounced from Cosmic Tales from the Far Future, Analog, Interzone , Asimov’s, F&SF, F&SF again after a rewrite,, Strange Horizons, Oceans of the Mind, and Aeon, and I’m at a loss where to send it next. I really like this one, it’s gotten very encouraging rejections, and think it deserves publication. But where?
  • I just sent off another of my irregular “David’s Writing News” emails. If you don’t get one and would like one (or, for that matter, if you got one and don’t want any more), drop me a note.
  • I hate my hair. I’m growing out the sides, and they are now long enough to fly out like wings but not yet long enough that I can pull them into the ponytail. This situation is going to get worse for another couple of months before it gets better, I think.

7/23/05: Yo en Español

The postman just dropped through the door a fat package containing a copy of the July/August 2005 issue of Asimov Ciencia Ficción, containing the Spanish translation of “Tk’Tk’Tk” by one David E. Levine. My first Spanish translation, and my first translation to appear on paper (“Tale of the Golden Eagle” was in an Israeli webzine in Hebrew). It’s got a cool illo and my name (almost) on the cover.