10/26/05: An interesting day

44% done with this editing pass. Hardly any changes tonight, but every word has to be examined because I’m taking away the sounds the aliens make, and it’s real easy to read over a line like “she trilled in pleasure” and not notice that it’s a sound if you’re not paying close attention. Search and replace won’t do it; I used too many different sound words. Removing the sounds isn’t the only change I’m making in this pass, but it’s the most pervasive. The other changes — like making Jason more head-over-heels in love with Clarity — are localized (in this case, to the comparatively rare flashback scenes with the two of them together). I’m not sure how much I can change on that without adding additional scenes, which I don’t want to do for a variety of reasons. Today at work we had the celebration for the release of a major product. We all went off to a very nice brewpub/cinema, a former Masonic lodge, where we were treated to beer and wine, barbecue, and a showing of Office Space. Not the movie I would have chosen for a morale booster… it was a little too close to reality sometimes. Also today… you remember I mentioned that work ate my life for a couple of weeks there? The VP responsible just gave each person on my team an iPod nano as a thank-you for that work. So there is some justice in the world. I gave the new nano to Kate, but I have to get a USB 2.0 port for the PC before she can put any of her music on it.

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