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11/22/05: Shiny!

Today was interesting. At work, it was almost like Christmas as the long-awaited Macs arrived. I must confess I was surprised — I’d been figuring that someone, somewhere in the purchase order approval chain, would say “we make Windows software — I don’t care if they’re ‘Designers’, they can’t have Macs!” But, despite my skepticism, there they were: three shiny (very shiny!) new dual-processor Power Mac G5 Towers with half a gig of RAM and 250 gigs of disk each, plus three boxes of assorted software. And so the day was spent in setting up, configuring, installing, and tweaking. (Um, can anyone tell me how to make IntelliJ Idea use Command instead of Control for its keyboard shortcuts?) Then, at home, I finally got off my duff — well, no, actually I got on my duff — and started editing “Titanium Mike.” Shortened the first scene by about 200 words (in the first 800) and made the Mike story a bit more outlandish. The edits on the next scene are going to be trickier. But I’m editing again! I hope to have this one in the mail by the end of next week.