12/15/05: Mixed bag

Today’s mail brought a nice holiday card from Dell Magazines (I guess I am a member of their “stable” now, neigh whinny) and a 281-day bounce from Realms of Fantasy (281 days for a couple of sentences scribbled on my cover letter, grr). That story’s off to Fantasy. Also today I found a nice mention of my Tales of the Unanticipated story “A Book is a Journey” in Richard Horton’s sff.net newsgroup. It’s only a partial sentence, but a nice mention is much better than what I’ve been getting lately and it’s extremely welcome. I spent the first part of this week at a managers’ offsite in Hood River, helping to present a workshop on Agile Programming Techniques. It wasn’t terribly difficult or stressful, but I find that I am… intellectually exhausted, I guess you would say. I haven’t been able to accomplish much of anything today, either at work or at home. I did manage to unpack my bag, at least, which I don’t always do right away after returning from a trip. There’s been a bit of a re-org at work, and effective Monday I am no longer assigned full-time to the project that has been eating so much of my life lately (I got home at 8pm last Wednesday, 10pm Friday). Mind you, there are still quite a number of design decisions to be made and meetings to attend, but now someone else is the dedicated lead on that project and will be doing all of the heavy lifting while I’m supposed to be concentrating on another project. The new project is a return to something I’ve spent a lot of time on in the past and I enjoy working with those people. It is still going to be a lot of work, but the deadline is much farther away and I hope it won’t be quite so intense.

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