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3/14/06: Sale!

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“Titanium Mike Saves the Day” sold to F&SF!

My second sale of the year, and my second sale to Gordon (the first was “Tale of the Golden Eagle”, of course). I am quite chuffed. I knew it was good news when I saw the envelope: it was an F&SF letterhead envelope, not my SASE, which meant a check or at least a rewrite request.

Of course, this does put a crimp in my Cunning Plan to increase my number of stories in circulation :-)

As it happens, at this moment of happiness I am driving my character deep into the pits of despair. Writing is more like acting than it is like directing…

A snippet: “The slowly rotating sun warmed my skin as I floated among the peas and peppers, curled in a ball and shaking with pent-up tears that would not come. The air here was foul and heavy. My life stank like shit.

“Once I had thought that being selected for the Clarion crew was the greatest thing that could ever happen to me. How had it come to this?”