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3/19/06: I am a content provider

Word count: 15308 | Since last entry: 781

Busy weekend, many chores done. We’re going to have to forego Minicon again this year, because my late uncle Ben’s memorial service is that weekend. I made all the arrangements yesterday, cancelling all the Minicon travel reservations and making new reservations for Sacramento instead. It will be nice to see the family, anyway.

I’m not at all convinced that this story is going in the right direction, but if I keep up my average of about 300 words a day and if my guesstimate that it’s in the high novelette or low novella word count range (about 17,500 words) is correct, it might conceivably be done by next Saturday, in which case I could get it critiqued at the next crit group meeting. Those are both pretty big ifs, but even if I miss that date it is beginning to feel like it’s coming to a conclusion.

When I first created my WWW home page in 1998, before I even started to think about writing fiction, most of the content on the page was my fannish writings and art projects (architecture, cartoons, and costumes/props). I’ve barely touched that content since then, as the writing-related content has grown and grown. But still, it continues to attract readers.

A couple of days ago, for example, I got a note from someone who’d found the page about my Rocketeer costume, asking for more details on how I’d built the rocket pack. I got it out of the attic — it still looks good — and took some new digital photos, which I sent to him along with some text. And, since I’d done the work, I also posted it as a sub-page of the Rocketeer page.

And just today, I got another email from someone who’d found my Analytique of Phnom Bakheng. He’s working on a Phnom Bakheng Conservation Master Plan (I have no idea if this is the real thing or just a school project) and he wants to use the image in his report. I gave my permission and said I’d try to scare up a better scan than the one I have posted.

It’s amazing the things that happen when you put content up where people can find it.