5/10/06: Busy life

I haven’t blogged properly in weeks. Sorry about that. Life’s been busy but not particularly interesting. Or, actually, interesting but not notable in a blogworthy way. I went to a square dance in Palm Springs. We saw Assassins, the musical, which Kate commented was a mixed bag of a play but the production was top-notch. We saw guitar god Richard Thompson’s “1000 Years of Popular Music” show — teriffic. We hosted a Tupperware party, of all things; silly fun, much plastic was purchased. At the day job, we lost one person (gone off to get his MBA), hired another, and interviewed several more… we have at least one and possibly as many as three more positions to fill. I looked for a copy of the soundtrack CD of Star Trek II, without success so far.

As for the writing, I’ve been grinding very slowly away at rewrites of one of my Clarion stories (the “Heaven as bureaucracy” story, for those with long memories). Should have this one ready to submit within a week. It was amazingly painful to read over the critique comments and remember the emotions of that time, but I’ve gotten past that point and am diligently trying to make the story the best it can be. I now think that 17 critiquers is too many… you get too many comments pulling the story in different directions, and any problem so obvious that half of more of the people comment on it makes you really feel hammered, no matter how kind the individual comments. I may produce an essay about “Clarion as viewed from six years later.”

Must sleep. Early meeting tomorrow.

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