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7/13/06: Triple whammy

Well, after a long dry spell of no responses at all, I got three rejections in the mail today. Looks like Friday the 13th came on a Thursday this month.

To take a bit of the sting out, yesterday I received an email from someone with a slashed L in his name, offering to buy translation rights to “Tk’Tk’Tk” for Nowa Fantastyka, a respected Polish SF magazine. They also wanted electronic copies of two other stories for further consideration. Not too shabby.

Also, the Asimov’s rejection came with an invitation to autograph for an hour at their dealer’s table at the Worldcon. I’m pleased, and I’ll do it, though I doubt many people want my autograph.

I have written nothing in almost three weeks, and this doesn’t seem likely to change in the next few days. I finished up one story right before leaving for Anaheim, and the next thing on the plate was revisions on another story. Which, because my revision process involves spreading papers out around my writing chair, was exceedingly difficult to do on the plane. Then… well, I should stop even pretending I’m going to try to get any writing done at conventions. And when I got home I found I’d brought back a mild but exceptionally annoying cold, which I am only now getting over, and there was a pile of chores to do (about some of which, perhaps, more later) with what little energy I had left.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Seattle, to attend the Clarion party at the home of Kate and Glenn. We’ll be staying with Hal and Ulrika on Friday and possibly Saturday night, and would welcome an opportunity to get together with Seattleites while we’re there.

After I return I’ll put those three stories back in the mail and start in on the editing.