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9/6/06: Hotels, etc.

It’s been a productive (and expensive!) fannish evening.

Unfortunately, we waited too long on World Fantasy Con; memberships cost us $150 each, and we had to settle for a room in the overflow hotel. It’s not like we haven’t known since the beginning of the year that we were going to Austin. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I also sent in my program questionnaire; I hope that it’s not too late to get on the program.

We didn’t (yet) sign up for the WFC banquet. Should we?

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we also made our hotel reservations for Nippon in 2007. We’re in the Pan Pacific, which is slightly cheaper and has larger rooms (40 square meters — seems HUGE for Japan) than the hotel attached to the convention center. I believe we have paid for the whole stay in advance — good thing we have savings.

No writing tonight. I have given myself a couple of stars for the last two days for editing on the novella, but they haven’t been very productive. I have changes I would like to make, but they’re fairly deep and structural and I find it’s much easier just to poke at wording here and there (and I have literally done the thing of putting in one word and then coming back half an hour later and taking it out). I’m thinking that I need to either set it aside for a while and work on something else — and I do have something else I could be working on — or shove it out of the nest. At the moment the nest thing is looking awfully attractive, but at the same time I’ve worked so long on this novella that I really, really want it to sell. Ponder, ponder.