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10/29/06: Time off for bad behavior

Sorry I haven’t posted in a long while. I spent a good chunk of last week at a meeting with customers in Santa Clara. I typed over 18,000 words of notes in two days (I wanted to be sure the customers’ input was properly captured) while sitting in a non-adjustable chair at a table that was too high, leaving my wrists resting on the hard edge of my laptop. After the first day I noticed the last two fingers on my left hand getting a bit numb and tingly — a very bad sign. I moved to a better chair, and when I got home I started taking ibuprofen and gave myself a three-day holiday from typing. I hope that this will be enough to prevent further problems. Carpal tunnel problems scare me more than anything other than AIDS. Just about everything I do — job, hobbies, volunteering, avocations, keeping in touch with friends — is keyboard-dependent.

In better news, I sold the story I submitted last week. “Firewall” will appear in Transhuman: On the edge of the Singularity, edited by Toni Weisskopf and Mark Van Name, coming from Baen some time next year.

I also got my OryCon schedule:

  • Friday 4pm: The Magical City of Unbelievable
  • Friday 9pm: Whose Line Is It, Anyway?
  • Saturday 10am: RSS Feeds and the New News
  • Saturday 1pm: Turkey Readings
  • Saturday 2pm: Writers’ Workshop
  • Saturday 3:30pm: Reading
  • Sunday 12pm: Believable and Lovable Evil
  • Sunday 2pm: Are You Really a Writer?
  • Sunday 3pm: Remakes, Reimaginings, & Resurgencies

Pretty intense, but I guess that’s the price of fame.

I don’t yet have my World Fantasy Convention schedule, even though the convention’s less than a week away. They still haven’t sent me anything, but I see from their web page that I’m on a panel on Friday at 4:30 about “Fantasy, Social Networking, and the Blogosphere” with Elizabeth Bear and others. Cool.