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12/22/07: Ow

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If it weren’t for deadlines, nothing would get done. Stayed up until 2am to get chapter 11 finished, and sent it off for critique this morning. I’ve been so productive lately that I was sure I would get this chapter done early, and start in on the next right away, but this one turned out about one and a half times as long as most of the other chapters. Lots of stuff is happening now. I am a cruel god to my characters.

Also yesterday, being the Solstice, there was festivating to be done. Started off the day at the gym, then drove out to Beaverton to have lunch with the guys I used to work with. It was so comfortable and familiar that, when we got back to the office, I was just about to sit down and get back to whatever I had been working on before lunch when I realized I didn’t work there any more. In the afternoon, we found a tree, hauled it home, and put it up. I wanted to put up outdoor lights as well, since it wasn’t raining, but at that point I needed to fall over, so I did.

A simple dinner, then a holiday party dance with the “C-Dogs” Challenge square dancers (hosted and called by M, who is doing much much better though he still can’t work or drive). Challenge dancing is really more like walking to music, but I still managed to do something to my left calf (which has been giving me minor problems for months, on and off) on the last tip. Ow.