7/1/08: Off to Cleveland

Sitting at the airport waiting for our flight to Cleveland for the annual gay square dance convention. Internet connectivity may be spotty for the next week.

I haven’t done any writing in the past week and I’m probably not going to do much during the convention. I think I am blocked by the story I need to revise. It’s the bleak nasty one that was (deservedly) given a fairly tough critique at Taos. I dislike revision at the best of times, and this story needs a lot of it. Also, to revise this story I’ll have to force my head back into a very uncomfortable place.

I could revise the other Taos story instead, the one that’s fun and light and I think people will really enjoy, but I think if I do that one now I may never get to the other one. And I think the other one is worth revising. It may never be published, but if it is I think it may piss people off in an interesting way.

Everyone have a great Fourth of July!

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