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8/25/08: Big writing day

Word count: 3871 | Since last entry: 3299

Today started off at Rejuvenation, the lighting and house parts store, for lighting for the bathroom. (Me to Kate: “I want to go to Rejuv today.” Truly, we live in a science fiction world.) Demolition on the bathroom is currently scheduled to start on September 17 and we have to have all the lighting and other accessories in hand before then.

Shopping trips to Rejuv can easily take all day, but in this case we already knew pretty much what we wanted and we were back home, with lamps in hand, by lunch time. (All but one fixture, which will be shipped later this week.)

In the afternoon, while Kate went online in search of towel rods, toilet paper holder, and other such oddments, I sat down to work on a story inspired by something I’d learned at Launch Pad. This one really has to be in the mail this week, and although I started it yesterday, I only made about 500 words yesterday and I was concerned that I wouldn’t finish in time at that pace.

I needn’t have worried. I wrote almost 3300 words today (even with a trip to Rejuv and making dinner). That might conceivably be a personal record. I think this was possible largely because I’d already thought the story through quite thoroughly; also, it has a linear plot, only one real character, and is based on science stuff I already know pretty well (though I have a couple of web pages open for reference). As literary fiction it’s pretty thin, but I think it will work for the target market.

Now I need to come up with a plausible climax. I know what has to happen, but not exactly how. I don’t doubt I’ll finish tomorrow. The question is, should I even try to get a quick critique before I send it in? It would have to be 24-hour turnaround, and I don’t feel I can impose on my critique group as I haven’t been able to attend a meeting lately (nor will I, until October.)

To bed now. More writing tomorrow.