1/1/09: Why do we need to force ourselves to do the things we want to do?

Word count: 511 | Since last entry: 511

On a New Year’s Day a bit more laid-back than our usual, as Kate’s still too sick for parties (though definitely improving), I took care of a number of chores, went for a walk, and attended a brunch (by myself) at the home of a former work colleague. Dinner was take-out Thai. I whacked back the email a bit (and if you’ve sent me any mail in the last month, my apologies for lack of response). And then, finally, at the very tail end of the day, I stopped procrastinating and sat down and wrote. First words of fiction since October, I think. This is the story I’d wanted to write for the “Federations” anthology, but what with one thing and another (most of which, I must admit, were completely under my control) I didn’t even begin it until after the deadline. And I’m not sure where it goes from here. But still, it’s another story and it’s finally under way.

That’s one day in a row. Let’s see how long we can keep the streak going.

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