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Steenking badges, writing progress, Mind Meld, Library of Congress

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Worked with the organizer today. Got the dining room table whipped back into shape, and worked on sorting and properly storing my old convention badges. I got rid of all the old program books and progress reports a few decluttering sessions ago, but decided that I wanted to keep one memento from each convention, and as badges are pretty small that’s what I kept. I had them all pinned to strips of fabric on the wall, but we ran out of wall a while ago and the rest just got thrown into a box. Today I learned that “a while ago” was actually 1995. Where does the time go?

After considering several storage options, I wound up getting a bunch of postcard-sized plastic envelopes and cardboard boxes from The 2 Buds, which specializes in storage solutions for postcard collectors. Each badge goes in an envelope, backed up with a blank postcard with the convention name and date, then they all line up neatly in the box. It worked well and we got through all of the badges on the wall (1975-1995). Based on the number of envelopes left in the package, that was about 90 conventions. Wow. Lotta memories there. I’ll try to put in an hour a day on sorting and storing the badges in the box (1995-present); I figure it’ll take about a week at that rate.

Apart from that…

Got the vampire story finished and in the mail. Managed to slim it down from 8400 words to 6900 without losing its heart or flavor. I’m now working on a new story, a “cosy catastrophe” in which everyone dies (and I mean everyone) but the ending is still, I hope, reasonably happy.

I have a short essay in the latest “Mind Meld” at SF Signal. This one’s about taboos in SF.

I will be giving a talk at the Library of Congress at noon on April 9, part of their “What If…” series. More details as I have them.