“Teaching the Pig to Sing” sold to Analog

I am exceedingly proud to announce that I just sold short story “Teaching the Pig to Sing” to Analog, my first sale to that market. No idea when it will come out, though if I know anything about print magazine publishing it will probably not be until 2010 or maybe even 2011.

This story started as an idea I had for Federations, but December got kind of crazy and I didn’t even start writing it until after the deadline for that anthology. It evolved quite a bit in the process of drafting and editing, and I finally wound up taking out the alien federation altogether, leaving it as a character-focused story of Earth politics.

I’ve been sending stories to Stan Schmidt for over ten years now. Analog is the oldest continually-published SF magazine and has the largest circulation of any print SF magazine. I don’t know that this is particularly an “Analog story” but I guess Stan liked it.

Does one sale make me a member of the Analog Mafia?

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