Worldcon Writing Workshops

There have been some problems with publicizing the Writer’s Workshops at Anticipation. Due to a glitch with the Worldcon website, the workshop isn’t listed there and thus the submission process has also gone astray.

According to workshop organizer Oz Whiston:

“The Writers Workshops at Anticipation are small session workshops for either experienced or beginning writers based on manuscripts submitted in advance. These workshops provide Anticipation members the opportunity to have their manuscripts evaluated by selling writers and industry professionals who enjoy helping them grow as writers. Many of these professionals have taught at residency workshops, such as Clarion, or in creative writing programs.”

Information on the workshops, their guidelines and how to sign up for them can be found in the rest of Oz’s blog post. The deadline’s July 25th, which is soon.

I’m one of the pros tapped to do a workshop session this year, so if you’ve ever had an inexplicable burning desire to be critted by me, sign up in the next week!

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