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Wordstock and iPhone

Wordstock, Portland’s annual Festival of the Book, begins tomorrow at the Oregon Convenion Center. Last year Jay Lake and I were on the program, but not this year — they don’t like to have people come back year after year. I’ll be in the Oregon Writers Colony booth from 1:00 to 3:00 on Saturday, volunteering for one hour, selling and signing copies of Space Magic for the other hour. Stop by and say hi.

In other news, I finally succumbed to temptation and bought an iPhone. It is very cool and shiny. Kate and I have a family plan, so if you ignore the cost of the new phone we’re actually saving a little money per month. I’ve already loaded it up with the following apps: AAA Roadside (call for assistance), Facebook, LiveJournal, MetrO (worldwide subway trip planner), Nambu (Twitter client), Notespark (sync and share notes), NPR (read and listen to news), PDX Bus (find a bus stop and when the next bus arrives), (augmented reality app that shows the names of the nearest mountains), and Urbanspoon (restaurant finder). What’s your favorite app?