It’s not all about me

Word count: 11740 | Since last entry: 2849

Finished the first draft of… um, this thing I’m working on. Which definitely isn’t a short story, at almost 12,000 words, but I don’t think really deserves to be a novelette… it’s not a novelette-sized plot. I think it must have a lot of stuff that can be removed. But it isn’t really meant to be an independent story anyway, it’s meant to be a chapter of a novel, or to be more accurate a story in a book that’s a collection of stories about the same characters. (This is all new to me and I’m still figuring it out.) It’s probably too long for a chapter anyway. I’ll see what I can do about editing it today.

I don’t think this is the first story/chapter in the book, either. Nor do I have even a vague idea what I’m going to write next. Whee!

Also: celebrated the Endeavour Award win by buying myself a new MacBook Pro. Shiny! I now have an iBook G4, in great shape, for sale at a reasonable price.

In other news…

  • Applications open today for next summer’s Taos Toolbox workshop, a two-week master class for SF/F writers taught by Walter Jon Williams, Nancy Kress, and Carrie Vaughn.
  • Applications are already open for next summer’s Clarion West workshop, an intensive six-week workshop for SF/F writers taught by Michael Bishop, Maureen McHugh, Nnedi Okorafor, Graham Joyce, Ellen Datlow, and Ian McDonald.
  • The current Wild Cards trilogy wraps up with Suicide Kings, the concluding volume of the Committee Triad, which will be released on December 22. To celebrate, Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist is having a contest to win copies of the first two volumes. (I’m not in this trilogy, but Wild Cards is too cool not to blog about.)

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