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Travel day

Here I am at the hotel in Dayton, Ohio for the Mars Society conference. Eastbound travel across the country really kills a whole day, between the hours spent in the air and the three-hour time difference, plus because of ridiculous airfares to Dayton I had to fly to Cincinnati, rent a car, and drive an hour and a half from there. The trip was pleasant, though, and as I drove through the curiously familiar cityscape of downtown Cincinnati I found myself singing a peculiar mix of “Skullcrusher Mountain” (which is what had just come up on my iPhone) and “WKRP in Cincinnati.”

The heat and humidity here are beastly but fortunately everything is air-conditioned.

Halfway to Dayton, for no apparent reason, my phone suddenly popped up a message: “Restore required; cannot make or receive calls.” It showed No Signal, but the music kept playing and, fortunately, I remembered that all I had to do was get off at exit 51 and the hotel would be right there.

In the last ten miles I was treated to an increasingly-spectacular aerial display of lightning. Some folks like thunderstorms; I’m not one of them. They terrify me. But even I have to admit this one was amazingly pretty. No rain, nor thunder; just lightning.

There are two Marriotts at Exit 51. Fortunately, the first one I tried knew of this situation and provided easy directions to the correct one.

Once I got to the correct hotel, I tried rebooting my phone but it was extremely sad and cried for its binky iTunes. iTunes, however, wanted nothing to do with it, saying that I had to enter the passcode on the phone, which the phone refused to present a keypad for me to do. Fortunately, I had access to the Internet from my computer and was able to Google for a solution, which involved putting the phone in Recovery Mode.

Restoring a dead phone in Recovery Mode requires downloading the latest phone OS from Apple (I’d been planning on waiting until 4.1 to update but oh well.) At the moment I’m waiting for the OS download to complete; it should take another 75 minutes or so. Hope this works! Being without my phone for this weekend would really bite.

The lightning and thunder have been storming away up there with increasing vehemence.

Oops, the lights just flickered and the wireless Internet went out, interrupting the download. Fortunately the wired Internet is still there and I was able to restart the download (another 70 minutes, sigh). I’m going to post this while we still have power…