So endeth National Novel Writing Month.

I don’t “do” NaNoWriMo — I’ve never been able to produce that many words per day consistently no matter how hard I’ve tried. But every November I surf the NaNoWriMo energy by setting myself a moderately ambitious writing goal.

This year, after no writing at all in August (okay, I was in Australia) and extremely sporadic writing for much of the rest of the year, my NaNoWriMo goal was simple: write at least something on the YA SF novel every day. My target was 500 words per day, but I said at the outset I’d be happy with a couple hundred words.

I won. I wrote every day in November, usually right about 500 words, with a minimum of 204, a maximum of 1650, and a total of 18,593. That’s probably at least 10,000 words I would not have otherwise, so yay. The draft now stands at 28,141 words out of a projected total of 70,000.

A lot of those words are crap. But that’s what revision is for.

Now I have a couple of other projects that need attention. I hope to finish those up in the first week or two of December and get back to the novel after that. I also hope to continue writing every day, but I won’t beat myself up if I miss one.

::pats self on back::

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