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This coming weekend is Radcon, in Pasco, Washington, and I’ll be on the following program items:

Friday 2:00 pm, Executive: Interational Space Happenings
What is everyone else doing as far as satellites, space exploration, space stations and missions to other planets and moons?
Dubrick, Daniel; Levine, David; Nordley, Gerald David

Friday 4:00 pm, Emerald: The Urban Monster
A guide on how to blend in to the masses in this modern day and age. A must for monsters of all types.
Briggs, Patricia; Burk, Jim; Lake, Jay; Levine, David

Friday 5:00 pm, Silver Front: Charades
Last year we started with one audience member but by the end had filled the room. Join David Levine and Lizzy Shannon for an hour of hilarity.
Bonham, Maggie; Burk, Jim; Gregory, Roberta; Levine, David; Nagle, Pati; Ross, Deborah J.; Shannon, Lizzy

Saturday 1:00 pm, Garnet: The End of Manned Spaceflight in America?
With the current space policy, are we seeing America abandon manned space flight?
Dubrick, Daniel; Gregory, Hugh; Levine, David; Nordley, Gerald David

Saturday 3:00 pm, Sage: Steampunk Medicine
Many of the commonsense practices of today, such as requiring doctors to wash their hands between patients and general sanitation in the hospital, were “invented” in the Victorian era. Radical new ideas such as germ theory challenged the established ideas of miasmatic theory of disease. Come explore this period of change and innovation, the conflicts that erupted and how people such as Florence Nightingale and Dr. I gnaz Semmelweis changed the world.
Bruscas, Chris; Garrison, Miki; Hill, Laurel; Levine, David

Saturday 6:00 pm, Emerald: What Makes a Successful Critique Group?
One of the most helpful things in a writer’s toolbox can be other writers! A good critique group is a win-win situation in which all the participants become the best writers they can be. However, a bad critique group experience can be very discouraging, indeed. What makes a successful critique group?
Bolich, Sue; Held, Rhiannon; Lake, Jay; Levine, David; Silverstein, Janna

Sunday 10:00 am, Bronze: The Formidable Woman
What makes a formidable woman character formidable? What makes a woman character a woman? Can a man write an accurate woman character?
Alexander, Alma; Briggs, Patricia; Cherryh, CJ; engh, MJ; Kenyon, Kay; Lake, Jay; Levine, David

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