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Old people say the darndest things

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I got this email from my square dance friend Bo and just had to share it:

It went like this at my dad’s assisted living complex:

Resident 1: “Can you believe we’ve put men on Mars?”

Resident 2: “Say, that story is about a woman. When did the men go?”

Bo (politely): “Oh, that’s a story about a Mars-like research station. It’s in Utah. My friend David went there.”

Resident 1: “Oh, so David was the man. How come the article wasn’t about him?”

Bo: “Sorry. David went some time ago. He said he learned a good deal. I went to one of his presentations and thought it was very interesting.”

Resident 1: “Seems like it would take too much time to get there and back.” (peers at article). “Must’ve made it up.”

Bo: “Oh, no. I’m quite sure he went. It’s a research station in Utah that is set up to feel like Mars.”

Resident 2: “Why would they name a state on Mars ‘Utah’? Isn’t one of those enough?”

And so it went from there….