Big writing news catch-up post

I have a bunch of writing news that, for a variety of boring real-world reasons, did not get posted in the last… er, couple of months. Hence, I fall back on the technical writer’s greatest crutch: the bullet list.

  • My story “Tides of the Heart” was published in Realms of Fantasy magazine’s big issue 100 (June 2011)! You can buy the issue as a PDF or buy a print copy. Science-fiction-and-fantasy-writing me is chuffed to note that this publication means I had stories in the June 2011 editions of both Realms of Fantasy and Analog.
  • My story “Pupa”, from the September 2010 Analog, came in second for Best Novelette in the 2010 Analog readers’ poll.
  • The blog Pillow Astronaut posted a keen review of The Mars Diaries, including an interview with my MDRS-88 crewmate Laksen Sirimanne.
  • I’ve spotted reviews of the revised Wild Cards Volume I, including my story “Powers,” at Val’s Random Comments and Captain Comics.
  • The latest Outer Alliance podcast includes an interview with me.
  • You can preorder the long-awaited anthology End of an Aeon from Fairwood Press.
  • My story “Zauberschrift,” which just happens to have been my first sale to an anthology edited by the late Martin H. Greenberg, has just been accepted at the podcast PodCastle.

That’s all for now! Going forward, I’ll try to be better at posting my news when it first appears.

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