World Fantasy Convention

We’re winging off to San Diego this afternoon for the World Fantasy Convention. Hope to see some of you there! I’ll be hanging out in the bar, trying to remember to chat up agents and editors, helping out Tina Connolly with a dramatic reading on Thursday night, and appearing on one panel:

Friday 4:00 PM, Pacific 2/3: A Sea of Stars

Is the sea to fantasy what space is to science fiction? Are they both the uncharted territory that leads somewhere unexpected? Are they the habitat for unfamiliar aliens? Stories like Jeremiah Tolbert’s “The Godfall’s Chemsong” and Helen Keeble’s “A Journal of Certain Events…” seem parallel in many ways, even though the former is science fiction and the latter is fantasy. Why use one over the other — can your settings be interchangeable if the plot is good?

David Brin, Michael Cassutt, David Levine(M), Courtney Schafer, Rachel Swirsky

Yes, I am moderating David Brin. Hah! He don’t scare me.

I wonder if there will be a group viewing of the Grimm premiere at 9:00 Friday night? I have seen the pilot episode and it is good.

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