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My OryCon schedule, also Powell’s Sci-Fi AuthorFest

My goodness, OryCon begins tomorrow! Here’s my programming schedule:


3:00PM, Hamilton: Workshop: Story Outline in an hour. Bring something to write on and write with. You’ll have an outline (or a good start) to a story by the end of this panel. Bonus–this would be a great head start to that creative writing class homework you’re ignoring over the weekend. David D. Levine [M], Mary Robinette Kowal


12:00PM, Mult/Holl: Ask Dr. Genius: Ad-Lib Answers to Audience Questions. No, really, they’re real scientists, honest. Bring your science questions, and if they don’t have an answer they’ll make something up, and it might even be sort of right. Louise Owen [M], David D. Levine, Andrew S. Fuller, Daniel H. Wilson

3:00PM, Idaho: Mission to Mars: Is a 6 month journey really too long? Artificial gravity to prevent blood clots. Living on 3 gallons of water a day. We’re making advances, but can we realistically put men on Mars? What are the issues, and how close are we to solving them? David D. Levine [M], Dan Dubrick, G. David Nordley

4:30PM, Grant: David Levine Reading. David reads from his own work.

8:00PM, Hawthorne: Lionel Fanthorpe Presentation. OryCon Public Broadcasting’s homage to the legendary Lionel Fanthorpe. Debbie Cross [M], David D. Levine, Paul Wrigley, Brian Hunt

10:00PM, Jefferson/Adams: Whose Line Is It Anyway? Ya want funny? Louise Owen, Mary Robinette Kowal, David D. Levine, M.K. Hobson, Cindy Fangour


12:00PM, Hawthorne: Spaceships, Colonists, and Castaways. How Small Communities Function in isolated conditions with minimal resources. David D. Levine [M], Camille Alexa, G. David Nordley, Krista Wohlfeil

Also on Sunday (4:30-6:00PM) will be the Sci-Fi AuthorFest at Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing. Two dozen authors, including Vonda McIntyre and Ursula K. Le Guin, will be there for you to meet and get autographs. Free and open to the public.