Wild Cards news

I just finished and submitted the first draft of my story for Lowball, the 22nd volume in George R. R. Martin’s Wild Cards series. There will be much revising and head-scratching before it’s complete, but I’m pleased with this draft and thrilled to be participating in this long-running project.

Although you’ll have to wait until 2012 or 2013 to read Lowball, the audiobook of Wild Cards Volume I (the revised edition, including my story “Powers”) is now available from Brilliance Audio in audio CD, MP3 CD, and WMA download format wherever fine audiobooks are sold. The second volume of Wild Cards, Aces High, will be available as an audiobook on December 20 and is now available for pre-order. Here’s a very complimentary review of the Wild Cards Volume I audiobook.

If you’d rather read Wild Cards than listen to it, Tor is running a special holiday sale on the ebook editions of the first four Wild Cards books (Wild Cards, Inside Straight, Busted Flush, and Suicide Kings) — just $2.99 each from now through December 14. Here’s the announcement.

If you prefer dead tree format, you can buy the trade paperback of Wild Cards I now, or preorder the mass-market paperback which will be out on June 26 of next year.

And if you want something visual that’s not too abysmal, Wild Cards has been optioned as a movie. Of course, you might have to wait a while for it to be released…

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